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Two aspects of solar MHD are discussed in relation to the work of the MHD simulation group at KIS. Photospheric magneto-convection, the nonlinear interaction of magnetic field and convection in a strongly stratified, radiating fluid, is a key process of general astrophysical relevance. Comprehensive numerical simulations including radiative transfer have significantly improved our understanding of the processes and have become an important tool for the interpretation of observational data. Examples of field intensification in the solar photosphere (‘convective collapse’) are shown. The second line of research is concerned with the dynamics of flux tubes in the convection zone, which has far-reaching implications for our understanding of the solar dynamo. Simulations indicate that the field strength in the region where the flux is stored before erupting to form sunspot groups is of the order of 105 G, an order of magnitude larger than previous estimates based on equipartition with the kinetic energy of convective flows.  相似文献   
IntroductionChinesemainlandliesinthesoutheastofEurasianPlateandisclampedbyindian,PacificandPhilippineSeaPlates.Besides,itislocatedatbetweenthetwobigseismicactivebeltsintheworldatthesametime.Differingfromtheshowoftwobigseismicbeltswhichhaveseismiczonaldistributionalongplateboundary,Chinesemainlandanditsperipheralareahaveapeculiarcharacter,expressingseismicallylargestrength,highfrequency,widedistribution,shallowfocus,seriousdamage,multiplestyles,extremelynonuniformspace-timedistributionandsoo…  相似文献   
本文用垂直谢匀分五层,水平网络蹁为1km的压缩σ坐标系下的三维数值模型,计算了太湖典型风场SE,NW,SW风生流,分析了太湖湖流及由各层流场平均得到的整层平均流肪在这三种典型风场作用下随时间的演变特征,探讨了风应力,水面倾斜压强梯度力,湖底摩擦力三者对湖流垂直结构的影响,初步揭示了太湖湖流垂直结构形成的机理。  相似文献   
本文建立了太湖风生流和风涌增减水的一个三维数值模型,该模型可对垂直方向进行多层次划分,且各计算网格点层数一样。模拟计算了1997年8月的11号台风对太湖水位和湖流作用,用环湖六个水位站水位过程资料对模型计算出的水位进行了验证,并用太湖梅梁湖湾口的实测流速资料对模型计算出流场进行了校验。  相似文献   
High buildings or architectural complex in urban areas remarkably distort the urban surface wind fields. As the air flow approaches,local strong wind may appear around the buildings. The strong wind makes the pedestrians on sidewalks, entrances and terrace very uncomfortable and causes the pedestrian level wind environment problem. In this studies, hot-wire wind measurement, wind scouring in wind tunnel and numerical computation were carried out to evaluate the wind environment of tall buildings in the prevailing flow conditions in Beijing areas. The results obtained by three techniques were compared and mutually verified. The conclusions drawn from three approaches agree with each other. Also the advantages and limitations of each method were analyzed. It is suggested that the combination of different techniques may produce better assessment of wind environment around high buildings.  相似文献   
Improvement of the atmospheric environment in urban planning is an important issue to implement the sustainable development of cities. In this paper, in order to meet the demand of planning office to compare and assess quantitatively of the designs in multi-scale, based on geographical information system (GIS) data with high resolution, a multi-scale numerical modeling system for the atmospheric environment impact of urban planning is set up, and the multi-scale assessment index system is established, which compose the technology system of multi-scale assessment of the impact on the atmospheric environment by urban planning. In urban planning (urban development of Beijing) and optimizing layouts of Olympic Green, it has been applied to quantitatively evaluating the impact on atmospheric environment by urban planning before construction, which offers scientific foundation to optimize the whole and local urban layout.  相似文献   
地下地质灾害地球物理探测研究进展   总被引:17,自引:6,他引:11  
介绍了地下地质灾害地球物理探测方法的基本原理及其研究进展,指出目前常用方法的基本思路及其在实际应用中存在的主要问题,针对观测方法、观测系统、正反演模拟和室内试验研究等方面提出了大胆的构想和新的思路。  相似文献   
爆炸地震波作用下地下结构动力响应数值分析   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
爆炸地震波荷载类似于天然地震波荷载,但又不完全相同。基于有效应力动力分析法,运用二维显式有限差分程序FLAC对地下结构在竖向和水平爆炸地震波荷载作用下的动力响应进行数值分析。编制了周围土体介质分析模型的程序模块并与FLAC接口。考虑了水平和竖向爆炸地震波荷载对地下结构的耦合效应,得出了一些定性的结论。  相似文献   
 On 20 April 1988 a landslide of approximately 200,000 m3 occurred on the northeastern flank of the volcano La Fossa on the island of Vulcano. The landslide fell into the sea, producing a small tsunami in the bay between Punte Nere and Punta Luccia that was observed locally in the neighbouring harbour called Porto Levante. The slide occurred during a period of unrest at the volcano that was monitored very accurately. The study of this event is composed of two parts, the simulation of the landslide and the simulation of the ensuing tsunami; the former is studied by means of a Lagrangian-type numerical model in which the landslide is seen as a multibody system, an ensemble of material-deforming blocks interacting together during their motion; the latter is simulated according to the Eulerian view by solving the shallow-water approximation to Navier-Stokes equations of fluid dynamics, with the incorporation of a forcing term depending on the slide motion. Technically, the slide evolution is computed first, and this result is then used to evaluate the excitation term of the hydraulic equations and to calculate the tsunami propagation. Computed wave fronts radiate both toward the open sea, with rapid amplitude decay, and along the shore, in the form of edge waves that lose energy slowly. Comparison between model outputs and observations can be carried out only in a qualitative way owing to the absence of tide-gauge records, and results are satisfactory. Received: 14 September 1998 / Accepted: 18 December 1998  相似文献   
Based on a simplified media model of Gonghe area, the precursor characteristics of Gonghe M7.0 earthquake in 1990 are simulated in this paper by using the constitutive relationship of binary medium (solid and water). The results show that the simulated state distribution and extension variation of media are identical with the spatial and temporal distribution of reliable anomalies before Gonghe earthquake. The study also suggests that the development of the Gonghe earthquake has experienced a series of processes such as elastic deformation of large scale, early nonelastic dilatation, strain softening and elastic recovery in the neighbour region of Xining, nonelastic dilatation of high dense block near seismic source and earthquake occurrence. Therefore, it can be concluded that this earthquake development is neither a simple process for fissures developing and linking up with one another, nor a process of nonelastic volume expansion and water flowing into medium around seismic source, contrary, it is a complicated medium state changing process, and the style of such changing depends on geological structure environment of seismic source and its neighbour region. It is considered that different earthquakes are accompanied by different geological conditions, the spatial and temporal behavior of their precursors are certainly different.  相似文献   
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