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地下爆炸Rg波低谷点激发机理   总被引:5,自引:2,他引:3       下载免费PDF全文
目前普遍认为Rg-S散射是地下核爆炸短周期Lg波的主要能量来源,其主要依据为由线性偶极补偿源(CLVD)激发的Rg波谱的低谷点随深度变化的特征与区域震相Lg波谱的低谷点随深度变化的特征具有一致性.本文利用简正振型理论,分析了Rg波谱中低谷点的形成机理,给出了各种速度模型下CLVD源深度与低谷点频率之间的关系,并分析了利用公式hCLVD=V/(16Null)估计震源深度的局限性.本文的研究结果进一步支持了CLVD源是激发Lg波的主要因素的观点,并得到重要结论:CLVD源形式下的本征位移函数及其导数的叠加所形成的极小值,即源的空间分布特征,是形成Rg波低谷点的原因,而不能仅用水平向基频本征位移函数过零点来解释。  相似文献   
基于弹性波阻抗的拉梅参数反演与应用   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
(Connolly的弹性阻抗(EI)公式是纵、横波速度、密度和入射角的函数,应用该公式的常规反演方法只能直接得到纵、横波速度和密度的信息,而且不同角度的弹性阻抗在数值上差别很大,不在同一尺度上,无法进行对比。本文针对常规反演方法的缺点,提出了基于Gray的Zoeppritz近似方程的新的弹性阻抗公式,并对这个公式进行了标准化以实现不同角度的弹性阻抗在数值上的统一,最后用标准化后的公式进行了反演,利用拉梅参数与弹性阻抗问的线性关系可从反演得到的弹性阻抗数据体中直接提取得到拉梅参数。应用实例表明用这种方法提取得到的弹性参数更加稳定、准确,而且能很好地反映储层信息。这种新的方法是对以Connolly公式为基础的传统方法的改进。  相似文献   
2006年7月4日文安5.1级地震   总被引:7,自引:0,他引:7       下载免费PDF全文
分析了震动京津的文安地震的特点:余震微小,最大仅1.5级,属于孤立型地震;震区烈度偏低、有感范围大;宏观震中与微观震中相差10余公里;震源较深;具有较大的正断层错动分量。对此作出初步解释,并认为可能是岩石圈减薄的新证据。  相似文献   
山西大同盆地口泉断裂全新世古地震活动   总被引:6,自引:2,他引:4       下载免费PDF全文
野外调查表明,口泉断裂断错了断面附近的3级地貌面,包括大同盆地西侧全新世形成的洪积扇后缘及位于洪积扇冲沟内的Ⅰ,Ⅱ级阶地。其中冲沟内Ⅱ级阶地为剥蚀阶地,I级阶地为堆积阶地。I级阶地面的地层时代距今2.52ka。在该断裂的悟道及上黄庄2个地点开挖的大探槽表明,在距今1.23万年以来该断裂曾发生4次古地震事件,其中3次分别发生在接近距今2.52,5.68,13.73ka。另一次古地震事件发生在距今6.76~10.82ka。这些数据有可能反映了口泉断裂具备准周期的强震活动。这4次古地震事件的平均间隔约为3.74ka,最新一次古地震与上一次事件的时间间隔约为3.16ka。2个大探槽各次事件的平均最小同震垂直位移为1.8m。这些资料对重新评价口泉断裂未来的地震潜势具有重要意义。  相似文献   
The rainfall-runoff modeling is very useful for forecasting purposes. A good methodology for forecasting the future stream flow is a key requirement for designers and operators of water resources systems. A compromise between conceptual and classical time series modeling is applied to model the relationship between rainfall and runoff. The dynamic nonlinear model is composed of a probability distribution describing the observation, a link function relating its mean to the so called state parameters and a system of equations defining the evolution of these parameters. Its Bayesian nature permits to take into account subjective information, making forward intervention, defining monitoring schemes and introducing smoothing facilities. An application using the data of Fartura river's basin is reported. The assessment of the prior distribution is discussed and the predictive performance of the linear and the non-linear models is reported.  相似文献   
The particle size distributions of fault gouge from the San Andreas, the San Gabriel, and the Lopez Canyon faults in Southern California were measured using sieving and Coulter-Counter techniques over a range of particle sizes from 2 m to 16 mm. The distributions were found to be power law (fractal) for the smaller fragments and log-normal by mass for sizes near and above the peak size. The apparent fractal dimensionD of the smaller particles in gouge samples from the San Andreas fault, the San Gabriel fault and the Lopez Canyon gouge were 2.4–3.6, 2.6–2.9 and 2.4–3.0, respectively. The averageD for the Lopez Canyon gouge was 2.7±0.2, which is in agreement with earlier studies of this gouge using planar 2-D sections. The fractal dimension of the finer fragments from all three faults is observed to be correlated with the peak fragment size, with finer gouges tending to have a largerD. A computer automaton is used to show that this observation may be explained as resulting from a fragmentation process which has a grinding limit at which particle reduction stops.  相似文献   
The focal mechanism of Wuding earthquake with magnitude M=6.5 on October 24, 1995 is estimated by the method of inversion of seismic tensor in this paper. The two principal axes are nearly horizontal, the principal compressive axis is about N30°E, the nodal plane which strikes about N105°E (N75°W) is probably consistent with the actual rupture plane.  相似文献   
渭河盆地东南缘铲形正断层上盘活动特征   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
侯建军  白太绪 《中国地震》1993,9(4):351-355
本文根据野外和力学分析,认为渭河盆地东南缘铲形正断层上盘块体沿凹曲的断层面向下滑动和旋转作用,在山前冲洪积平原区产生了同向断层、反向断层和上盘横断层。这些构造的差异活动及其在地表的表现特征,可作为铲形正断层分段的重要标志。  相似文献   
In the geostatistical analysis of regionalized data, the practitioner may not be interested in mapping the unsampled values of the variable that has been monitored, but in assessing the risk that these values exceed or fall short of a regulatory threshold. This kind of concern is part of the more general problem of estimating a transfer function of the variable under study. In this paper, we focus on the multigaussian model, for which the regionalized variable can be represented (up to a nonlinear transformation) by a Gaussian random field. Two cases are analyzed, depending on whether the mean of this Gaussian field is considered known or not, which lead to the simple and ordinary multigaussian kriging estimators respectively. Although both of these estimators are theoretically unbiased, the latter may be preferred to the former for practical applications since it is robust to a misspecification of the mean value over the domain of interest and also to local fluctuations around this mean value. An advantage of multigaussian kriging over other nonlinear geostatistical methods such as indicator and disjunctive kriging is that it makes use of the multivariate distribution of the available data and does not produce order relation violations. The use of expansions into Hermite polynomials provides three additional results: first, an expression of the multigaussian kriging estimators in terms of series that can be calculated without numerical integration; second, an expression of the associated estimation variances; third, the derivation of a disjunctive-type estimator that minimizes the variance of the error when the mean is unknown.  相似文献   
由背景噪声互相关重建格林函数的技术已在地震学中得到了广泛应用,对背景噪声能量的空间分布、强度的季节变化的研究有利于认识噪声互相关函数对格林函数的收敛性。文中利用宁夏及其周边地区33个宽频带台站2008年1月至2012年11月垂直分量的连续记录,计算了两两台站间的互相关函数,并对该地区5~10s及10~20s的背景噪声能量的优势方位及强度随季节的变化进行了分析。结果表明,5~10s的能量主要来自于中国东部的海岸线,其强度具有明显的季节性变化;10~20s的噪声能量不仅强度具有季节性的变化,其优势方向也随季节具有明显变化,受到多个大洋的交替影响。研究表明,宁夏及其邻区的背景噪声场具有较为复杂的特征,在进行后续研究时要予以充分考虑。  相似文献   
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